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About Multinational Company (MNC) PMS

Anand Rathi MNC PMS is a Largecap PMS strategy consisting of Multi-national companies listed in India which has a foreign shareholding of over 50 or/and the management control is bestowed in foreign companies or/and technological and management know-how brought in by foreign partner investors. MNC companies provide the benefit of a Strong Business Model Healthy Balance Sheet Best Corporate Governance. MNC largecap PMS strategy is suitable for Investors with Conservative to Moderate Risk Reward. Best suited for Largecap and Multicap Asset Allocation clients. MNC PMS provides true diversification within largecap asset allocation for clients with the quality and profile of stocks which is different from typical largecap funds.

Objective of MNC PMS Strategy:

Focus on the consistency of return and risk moderation by PMS investment in Multinational Companies listed in India.